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"TERRAVENTION" verb. To aerate, drain and / or culturally improve the ecology and resources in the rhizosphere via gaseous injection.

We now hire our Terravent to companies and clients across the UK.


You may have heard about the Terravent but in case you haven’t let me tell you why The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew (unusually for such organisations) have formally acknowledged the effectiveness of Terravent by awarding the decompactor, aerator, infuser and liquid injector their “Recommended Product” seal of approval.

This follows a five year program of treatment on the gardens most valuable historic trees.

TerraventTheir endorsement comes after some years using the Terravent to relieve compaction caused by the many thousands of visitors and also to apply Mycorrhizal fungi to the soil beneath the subject trees to improve the soil ecology.

The national collection of specimen trees has seen some significant examples of trees being rejuvenated that were apparently in decline and as you would expect, they monitor the tree species bank and their relative condition very closely.

Mycorrhizae form symbiotic associations with the trees roots, both growing inside them in a parasitic way and outside of them, increasing the surface area of the absorptive matrix of roots by actually becoming an extended part of the trees root system. They are also able to isolate certain nutrients and micronutrients more efficiently than the tree would be able to on its own.

In short although the fungus gets its sustenance from the tree it repays any physiological debt many times over leaving the tree healthier, more vibrant and able to deal with environmental adversities than it would be without the symbiotic association with the fungus.

The Terravent Working At The Royal Botanical Gardens Kew

TerraventThe result of the service; the Terravent breaks up compaction creating a more open soil structure that enables gaseous exchange and improves drainage. At the same time the mixture of fungi and other bio-stimulants are infused and spread throughout the root zone. This puts them right where they need to be to establish quickly and universally throughout the system of the trees roots.

We have one of only ten similar machines and we have been offering Terravention as a contract service in the northwest. Now, as well as offering a full service option, we are beginning to offer individuals and companies the chance to give their clients the benefit of this service. We hire the Terravent with one bottle of pressurized Nitrogen gas (enough for a full days service in normal conditions) for a daily hire rate of £195.00 per day (+VAT @ 17.5%) not including inject able Mycorrhizae and Bio-stimulants.

Phone David Lloyd-Jones on 01565 621234 or e-mail for details of the Terravent’s availability either as the full service or to hire the equipment on its own.

Here at Cheshire Tree Surgeons we try to do work which is beneficial for trees and tree owners but without doubt the most effective work that we do involves changing the circumstances within which a tree exists!

If we can change an owner’s opinion of a tree and the relative risks that it poses or if we can increase an owners appreciation of it, then we have effected a powerful cultural change benefiting the tree in many fundamental ways . I have been quoted as saying that...

"the most significant factor in a tree’s environment, is the owner’s will to preserve it!"

With the will of the tree's owner there are many things that can be done to further improve the cultural and actual environment of the tree, one of which is most effectively provided by the new TERRAVENT that we have been offering our clients for the past 18 months. This equipment alleviates compaction in soil by a burst of compressed gas benefiting the tree by improving drainage and aeration.

Significantly this machine can also infuse the soil with soil nutrients and especially Mycorrhizal fungi. These fungi form symbiotic associations with the tree’s and have been proven to increase the surface area of the roots by up to 1,000% - this increases the surface area in contact with the soil, enhancing nutrient and moisture uptake.

This can dramatically improve the success rate of new plantings and The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew have documented dramatic improvements in the health and vitality of some of their ancient trees after treatment with the Terravent and mycorrhizal fungi in the five years that they have been using and assessing the procedure.

Changing people's perspectives and their will to preserve trees is an important cultural issue, modifying the actual environment of the tree to allow it to grow as healthily and successfully as possible is the next most important factor if we are really trying to improve tree culture.

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