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Cheshire Tree Surgeons


We can advise schools on publicity and fundraising and indeed there is a whole section dedicated to this most important issue in our "Activity Landscaping" Design Guidance Notes. However as a basic rule make sure that you canvas industries with the worst environmental records in your locality, as they seem most receptive to supporting "environmental improvement" projects in schools.

The most compelling fundraising comes from the children themselves. When linked with an effective publicity campaign the effects can be dramatic and long lasting.

It is entirely possible to provide annual funds from sponsors if a convincing case is made by the children. Once they get a clear idea of how they can chase funding and from whom, the children usually make a very convincing and an effective case for their project!

This is one part of the design and implementation process that certainly seems to really capture their imagination and motivation!

For further information on fundraising get our Activity Landscaping Guidance Notes.