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Tree Morphogenesis - Press Release April 2013

Just released, a new and innovative book explaining how trees grow and then age. The book explains trees in new ways that will both change the way that you see trees AND change the way that you look at trees. Even better though, Cheshire Tree Surgeons clients can claim the cost of the book back from the cost of any Cheshire Tree Surgeons contract.

The book is called "Tree Morphogenesis book 1 Reduction Via Thinning Theory" and it can be bought and read today by visiting


Cheshire Arboriculture and Cheshire Tree Surgeons have been continually providing cost effective and useful tree services Since 1985.

Trees changed my life in 1985 and have intrigued me ever since. Now that I have a detailed understanding of how they grow and what they need to thrive I find that telling people about their trees is one of the most personally rewarding things I do.

I have incorporated the provision of tree insights into the services we offer by establishing and following this simple but far reaching ethic... "I aim to deliver to our clients enough information and understanding so that they can come to an informed decision". I would go on to add "Even if that informed decision is, to do nothing".

Isn't that just what a client needs? Well it's called "best advice" and where trees are concerned clients should understand that there is a conflict of interests between a tree surgeon selling tree services, and best advice.

We make "best advice" available to you for free. By using our online quote and advice service, (simply click the links on the right) best advice from a nationally recognised Tree Consultant is available to you today.

I look forward to hearing from you. David Lloyd-Jones

(ISA UK+I Chapter President 2006-2008,
Consulting Arborist Society founder member and chairman 2003-2008,
Technicians Certificate Arboriculural Association (Tech.Cert.Arbor.A)

We have developed the capacity to undertake the largest projects without delay or drama by the use of the most efficient equipment. As an example we have sectionally dismantled and removed over 2000 mature trees given six weeks for environmental constraints (avoiding nesting season) including removal of all arisings and stump removal. Oh yes, we completed the task with a week to spare.

I get asked for advice regularly and because we only specify necessary tree work that regularly means time spent traveling to jobs to put peoples minds at rest is wasted. I like giving the best advice and I also like to reduce my carbon footprint to the minimum. So to satisfy both of these aims I encourage people to use the online quote facility. Its easy to use, simply click on the relevant link in the sidebar. However if you have any problems... Give us a ring.

We have innovative products like our Activity landscaping designs, Guidance Notes for schools and the sympathetic and holistic tree pruning and management paper "Reduction via thinning".

Then at you can buy timber or even finished timber products from crafts people across the country. If you would like to know more about Craftwoods please click here to download a short article.

When you hire an Arboriculturist, you are hiring somebody who can give you insight into trees and tree ecology so that you can more successfully incorporate them into your own environment.

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